Daily tours

If you are an individual traveller you are welcome to join one of our daily tours. Off the beaten path trip and Communism tour start everyday at 10:00 AM. We pick you up and drop off at your hotel. Check out the program:

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Check out tours on request…

Group tours

Our speciality is  group tour organisation. We are flexible and open for every kind of requests. All programs are prepared individually for each group. Our first question – what kind of transportation you prefer? Old communist vans? Pre-war Tram? Cruise on the river or just a bus? Check our offer!

City Games

City Games are our another speciality. Scenarios prepared by us take what’s the best from history and space of Warsaw. Dressed up actors and interaction with authentic, local places will help to feel the atmosphere of the city. Create the team and try your skills in Warsaw!

We prepare each game especially for you. We have few core ideas that base on discovering unknown areas of Warsaw and main tourist attractions. There are plenty of possibilities!


Meet the local painter and finish the painting, try to dance Polonaise in the park, make your own dumplings or decorate typical polish sweet gingerbread. In a craftman store try your skills and climb on the top of the Palace of Culture and Science! In the end make the videoclip of Warsaw. This is only one of the ideas… Check out more!

Retro cars rental

We have a wide selection of typical polish communist cars. We use them for our sightseeing tours but you can also rent them with a driver. Check what we have:

Nysa 522 – old milicia van, one of the most symbolic cars in Poland.

Nysa Lux – Limo version of the old milicia van. Comfortable and unique!

Fiat 126p – car “for the people”. Due to communist propaganda everyone should be able to effort it!

Warszawa – elegance and glaze. Today a dream of every passionate!

Wołga – former limousine of communist dignitaries.

Bus „Ogórek”- a vintage bus for bigger groups.

Check out what we have!


Knowledge of Warsaw’s history and it’s space, experience in the city games organisation and backup of retro cars – these elements give us lots of possibilities in arranging the unforgettable events. Our Museum of Communist Life can be also very useful space for organising an event or a meeting. Lets exchange our oryginal ideas and experience so we can create an original event for you!

Contact us and tell us what you need!