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We are a local tourist company, we know Warsaw like no one else! We will take you and your guests on a real Warsaw adventure. An adventure that will arouse your curiosity and awaken the spirit of the explorer. In our offer you will find unusual Warsaw tours and interesting city games and events.  Do you represent a large company? Are you a single tourist? We will team up with you in organizing active time in the city of Warsaw. 

We are special because

We have some fresh ideas

Forget the boredom. Your requests are an inspiration for us to act. We are creative companions of your stay in Warsaw.

We have the spirit of adventure...

...that we will pass on to you and your guests. Come for a trip, take part in the city game. Discover the beautiful and unobvious Warsaw.

We will team up with you

Reach for our support in organizing the event and rest in Warsaw. We are a team that will gladly harmonise with you.

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Adventure Warsaw team


Rafał and Marta | Founders of Adventure Warsaw

Both lovers of Warsaw admit that it is a difficult and demanding relationship. The capital city is not easy, but they are understanding, because in the end she survived a lot. And how did it all start? They met during the guide course. Already then Rafał was in the ownership of his first Nysa. Together they set off on a journey to which they invite everyone who wants to get to know Warsaw.


Karolina - A Hard Working Woman | Head of the Tour Department

She' s not afraid of any work! The bigger the trip and the more complicated it is to organize, the better! She hates it when nothing happens - she needs a job to live. Karolina handles company and individual orders for the Warsaw. She loves this city through its contrasts and history, but the most important thing is that her soul belongs to Praga. She is a solid woman from the right side of the Vistula River!

Dominik Czajkowski

Dominik - Hip Engineer | Project Manager

An engineer of road transport logistics, whose radio voice you can hear in our handset. He is very active, so he fits perfectly into the team of crazy guides and co-workers. He takes care of relations within the company and with contractors, sets up trips, plans Nyska trips and takes care of hundreds of other things. A traveler's soul likes warmth and cannot imagine life without the sun, which it treats as an IV. He does not look like a typical Pole, but he is a Pole with blood and bones.


Paulina - AnEntertainment Creator | Project Manager

Resolute creator of city games in Warsaw and other Polish cities. Her brain is working at high speed and assembling various elements into a beautiful, compact unity. She polishes the details to make each project a masterpiece. She uses hers scout skills in creating new activities and in coordination of the animators team.


Konrad - The Explorer | Event Specialist

A professional linguist and a passionate explorer of forgotten areas and suburbs of Warsaw. He loves to discover anew and without routine, so he cyclists through Warsaw and the whole Mazovia, making up new trails!


Ola - Sharp as a Claw | Event Specialist

Her natural element are city games. She bravely prepares all the details related to the project and then plays different roles to see if everything goes according to plan.


Krzyś - The Impossible Cases Fixer | Event Manager

It is not clear whether the city games absorbed Krzyś or Krzyś absorbed the city games. He travels all over Poland, realizes and supervises events. He can play any role. His mysterious personality does not reveal the secrets of embracing the impossible at once.

Over 10 years of Adventure Warsaw

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"The nightlife has both glamour and grime, and is a lot of fun – expatriates from Paris, Berlin and London are on the record as preferring it to their native cities. Don't take their word for it, try it yourself – or ask Adventure Warsaw (adventurewarsaw.pl) to show you around." The Guardian More >

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We know how to feel the needs of tourists and we don't give them dry facts. The places we visit with them are not commonly known - they are a background for telling us who we are, who we are, what we are, what we have experienced." Rafał Patla (CEO) for Na Temat

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"People are looking for two things: history, traces of transformation and evidence of success. They are inspired by the fact that Warsaw has risen from the ruins, that it is changing. They are fascinated by places that are witnesses to history, but at the same time are surrounded by new buildings." Rafał Patla (CEO) for Gazeta Wyborcza

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"It’s perfectly alright to explore on one’s own but I personally find it useful to use the skills of an expert local, to get my bearings. This time around I used the excellent services of Adventure Warsaw." The British Berliner

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"Tour with Adventure Warsaw means watching the local life of Warsaw residents in places where the influence of a bygone era can still be seen." NaszeMiasto.pl

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"As a student of spatial management, he wrote a paper on the influence of the People's Republic of Poland on urban planning in Warsaw. On this occasion, he discovered so many amazing places in the city that he began to show them arround tours - at first consisting mainly of his friends." Forbes about Rafał Patla (CEO)

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"What once happened in the place where you're walking now? Why in the People's Republic of Poland did life on Krucza Street die after 5 p.m.? Where can you see a relief in honor of the builders of post-war Warsaw? Dominik Czajkowski and Rafał Patla from the Adventure Warsaw group explain everything." Radio Kampus

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Adventure Warsaw featured in Fokus TV

TVN Warszawa

Adventure Warsaw featured in TVN Warszawa

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