Opening of a new office for HL TECH

In the game we used the motif of a train journey from Britol to Warsaw, during which the participants answered questions related to these locations. The game program included cider tasting, Banksy style graffiti creation, active listening to Massive Attack music. These elements were related to Bristol. We ensured the integration with Warsaw through regional cuisine workshops (making dumplings), playing cards with Smart Guy from Różyc and a game of finding objects placed on a photomap on the panorama of the city (a view from a 33rd skyscraper)


The employees gathered in the office came from different cities, they did not know each other. They also did not know the space in which they would work together in the future. As part of the game scenario, we tried to find points of contact between Bristol and Warsaw.


  • Organization of the game on the 33rd floor of the Warsaw Spire building on 1000 sqm, in the new office of the company.
  • Integration of a team to work in a given place.
  • Creating a link between Warsaw and Bristol.
  • Animation of a large number of employees at the same time.
  • Motivating game participants to act.


The effect


Integration of employees from different offices and cities.


Getting to know Warsaw and Bristol.

Good space

Getting the company's employees familiar with the new workplace.

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