General information

Price: from 1100 pln per van

capacity: 7 people per van

Availability: everyday

Available languages: EN | ES | IT | FR | DE | RU | PL

Duration: 3 hours

Transportation by retro minibus named Nysa 522

Warsaw was vastly destroyed in 1945 but you will be so surpised to realize how much of the old climate survived on the right bank, in the industrial district! Feel the soul of the prewar Warsaw while enetrating courtyards of old tenements and learning stories of former factories and multicultural dwellers of Praga. Is there a bright future for that most shady and underestimated part of Warsaw?

Unique climate of the lost, prewar city is all within your reach! Cross the river with us.

Tour gems:

  • Old Warsaw relics in Praga’s gates and nooks
  • Multicultural heritage of industry and trade in Praga
  • Shady deals in the largest bazar of Warsaw (Różycki bazar)
  • New face of Praga and drive for revitalisation
  • Battle between trade and sport on the communist stadium

If you want to, you can decide additionally:

  • to uprade your transportation to: large retro bus caled "Cucumber", a modern mini-van or a modern bus
  • visit to the Polish Vodka Museum + vodka tasting
  • shot of vodka and local „pyza” noodles served in a jar (in a local bar)
  • meeting with a local district character called „cwaniak”
  • live accordion music – performance of a local accordion player

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    Additional informtion

    Our Nysa 522 vans are not air-conditioned, they are historic. But in winter they are equipped with heating.
    Our Nysa 522 cars are not equipped with seatbelts, traffic regulations allow for the lack of seatbelts in this type of cars.
    Very rarely we have such a situation, but if it occurs we always return the entire amount paid and propose a different date.
    Of course it is. You will find this option in the booking form.
    If you have a food allergy or other allergy that may affect your comfort please let us know before booking, we will try to adapt to your condition.
    In the case of a trip with Nyska (retro mini-van) transport, the driver takes on board children if they are accompanied by an adult and if they are more than 150 cm tall.