Warszawa z Adrenalina 2

Have you ever tried kayaking down the Vistula River in the very heart of Warsaw?

Have you ever played paintball in an old factory?

Have you ever tested yourself in kart racing?

How about an crazy ATV (quad) ?

You can never get bored in Warsaw! These are just a few ideas to get an adrenaline buzz. Combine them with one of our crazy city tours and a barbecue on the beach, and you will have a perfect mixture!

Each attraction comes in a package with a supervisor, an instructor and transport.


  Paintball in an old factory / school

  Crazy kart racing

  ATV (quad) trips into the woods

  Kayaking on the Vistula River

  Live ammo shooting range

Museum map

Paintball: PLN 180 per person

Kart racing: PLN 190 per person

Shooting range: PLN 240/340 per person

ATV/quads: PLN 290 per person

Kayaking: PLN 170 per person

Prices for the groups of min. 6 people

Museum gallery