Retro car rental

Enjoy your ride in a classic vehicle straight from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL). We have a wide selection of vintage cars with soul. They serve us bravely during our tours, but they can also be a perfect accessory to an event, a stag/hen party or a wedding reception.

IMPORTANT: The prices are netto prices  are valid only in Warsaw. Price include driver.

Nysa 522 – retro vans

This van is a symbol of the bygone era. Originally used by the militia and fire fighters, nowadays it serves our tourists. Designed in 1958, it was produced almost without any changes until 1994. Our cult Nysa vans (affectionately referred to as “Nyska”) retained their original interior and seating arrangement, which always has a good influence on the integration of passengers. We are able to organize up to 10 Nysa vans.

Each one of them can carry up to 7 passengers plus the driver.

1h – 350 pln

4h – 600 pln                                                                   

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Nysa 522 "Pink Power"

Unique Nysa Van in Poland! Pink colour is a great mix of elegance and extravagance. Perfect for weddings, stag parties or company meeting!

Nysa Van can carry up to 7 passengers plus the driver.

1 h – 350 pln

4 h – 600 pln                                                                 

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Disco Nyska

Sliding roof, two liquor cabinets, refrigerator and really strong speakers – equipment which guarantees fun even during the most crazy evenings. Dimmed windows and comfortable sofas provide you with a unforgettable atmosphere…

Nysa Van can carry up to 6-7 passengers plus the driver.

1h – 350 zł

2-3 h – 600 zł

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Polish Fiat 126p (“Small Fiat”)

A Polish response to the East German Trabant. Everybody was supposed to be able to afford their own “small Fiat” (due to its size affectionately referred to as “Maluch”, i.e. “the small one”, “a small child”). Produced in Poland from 1973 until 2000!

1 h -250 pln

4 h – 450 pln                                                                  

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Polish Fiat 125p (“Big Fiat”)

This cult “big Fiat” is perfect for small, private tours. It was manufactured in the Passenger Automobile Factory (FSO) in the Warsaw Żerań district first on the Italian licence and after its expiry as the Polish Fiat. Produced until 1991.

1 h – 350 pln

4 h – 600 pln                                                                

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Syrena 105

Car’s name is connecting with legendary Warsaw’s Siren. People from Poland called this car “Sock”. It was producing in FSO in Warsaw (1957–1972) and then in FSM, in Bielsko-Biała (1972–1983). Why “Sock”? Because car was taking mixture of oil and petrol so it made terrible, characteristic, blue smoke. This car you can see, hear and feel! 

1 h – 350 pln

4 h – 700 pln                                     

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An old limousine of the Communist Party officials is waiting for those who are equal and more equal! Produced in the Soviet Union from 1952, it replaced the venerated Pobeda. Get in and feel the comfort of the business travel in the era of socialism!

1 h – 500 pln

4 h – 800 pln                                                                  

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FSO Warszawa

An elegant car, today a dream of many enthusiasts of Polish motorization. Poland’s first car to be mass produced on the Soviet Pobeda licence. The first models left the Passenger Automobile Factory (FSO) in the Warsaw Żerań district already in 1951 and the last ones in 1973.

4 h – 1 000 pln                                                       

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Chausson or the red bus

It’s a real legend of Warsaw streets! In 1947 these buses appeared in the capital under reconstruction. Thanks to them it was possible to recreate and develop public transport. Chaussons were retired in the 1960.

4 h – 1 700 PLN

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San H-100 – the most beautiful Polish bus

According to many it’s the most beautiful mass-produced Polish bus. In contrast to the “cucumber” its appearance is light and more sophisticated. San H-100 were the kings of the streets in cities, towns and villages in the 1960s and 1970s. We have a blue one – long distance version.

1 h – 1 400 PLN

4 h – 1 600 PLN

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Jelcz “Ogórek” (“Cucumber”) bus

An ideal solution for larger groups. Feel the comfort of travelling by the good old Jelcz bus. Produced on the basis of the Czechoslovak Škoda RTO from 1959 to 1986. We have the possibility to rent out even up to five historical buses (due to their shape affectionately referred to as “Cucumber”), so no group can be too big for us!

1 h – 1 400 pln

4 h – 1 600 pln                                                               

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„Cucumber” VIP version

We have another interesting offer for fans of „cucumbers”. This time we offer you a VIP version – it’s equipped with comfortable tourist seats for passengers and a sound system, which allows you to hear the music and the voices of our guides. Available only in high season (April-October).

1 h – 1 500 PLN

4 h – 1 700 PLN

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Ikarus – Hungarian kings of Warsaw’s streets

It’s the easiest way to call this buses which were common sight on Warsaw’s roads for nearly 35 years. Ikarus buses appeared in 1981, a few days before the introduction of martial law. At the end of 2013 the era of “Ikars” finished as they were replaced by a new generation fleet.

1 h – 1 300 PLN

4 h – 1 500 PLN

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