Adventure Warsaw was started in 2009. At that time Rafał, the founding father of our initiative, was an aspiring urban planner focused on writing his MA thesis. During this process he started digging, searching and exploring, and the results exceeded his wildest expectations because he discovered… Warsaw! He simply had to share it with other people and this is how it started…

Today our team consists of young but experienced tour guides who will share their passion with you and show you Warsaw like you have never seen it before.

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Marta & Rafał - Founders of Adventure Warsaw

Both deeply in love with Warsaw, although they admit that it is a difficult and challenging relationship. The capital city of Poland is not easy, but they are very understanding because after all it has been through a lot. How did it all start? In 2009, when Rafał was writing his MA thesis on Warsaw, tourists didn’t really have a chance to see anything else apart from the Old Town and the Łazienki Park. Shocked by the discovery of the side of the city that he didn’t know, Rafał decided to show it to visitors. When he met Marta at a course for tour guides, Rafał already was a proud owner of his first Nysa van. Together they set off on a common journey and they invite everyone to join them to get to know Warsaw anew.

Karolina - Strong Working Woman

She is not afraid of any work! The bigger and the complicated to organize tours, the better! She is not lazy – she needs work to live. Karolina organizes tours in Warsaw for companies and private tours. She loves this city through contrasts and history, but in her soul is the Praga district. She is a concrete woman from the right side of the Vistula river!

Paulina – adventure designer

She is a decisive creator of urban games in Warsaw and other Polish cities. A brain working at high speed and assembling scattered elements into a beautiful and coherent whole. She pampers all of the details so that each project is a complete masterpiece. She uses her scout skills to come up with new attractions and to coordinate the work of the animator crowd.

Patrycja - full of imagination

Wide horizons of imagine and travels allow her to organize trips full of attractions. Extensive experience in the travel industry helps in creative activities and extraordinary ideas. She likes to empathize with the role of tourist (guest) to make the trip fascinating. Easy solutions put aside on the side track – she likes to surprise.

Dominik – Cool Engineer

Transportation and Logistics engineer, you can hear his radio voice if you call us. Really active guy, perfect for the team of enthusiastic guides and co-workers. He arranges daily tours, plans Nysa van’s routes and fulfills lots of other tasks.  He loves to travel, warm places and he cannot imagine his life without sun – sunshine addict. He doesn’t look like a typical Pole but he’s a true-born Polish guy.

Konrad - Active Explorer

Linguistics Graduate, lover of exploring forgotten places and unknown sides of Warsaw.

He enjoys discovering the places in many new ways, without getting stuck in the rut, that’s why he travels by bike in Warsaw and whole Mazowsze county, inventing some new routes!

Mariusz - Archaeologist excavated

As an archaeologist, a historian, a traveller and a photographer, Mariusz has visited many places in the world and dug through tonnes of soil.

However, when he got homesick, he put his shovel and archaeology brushes away in order to tell you now, with the passion matching that of Herodotus himself, about his beloved city, Warsaw.

Caroline - Twisted Stroller

A  Varsovian by birth and avocation, and a real chatterbox. Caroline collects all the pieces of information, from the least important to the truly significant ones. A devoted traveller, keen on foreign languages, she loves to share her knowledge and infect others with her enthusiasm.

Adam - Gringo Latino

After his long travels in South America Adam came back to struggle through the wilderness of Warsaw streets. With a few car body enhancements he has even grown to accept the Nysa van as a bearable means of transport. His blend of wit and knowledge makes trips with Adam a unique experience for connoisseurs. Adam is fluent in Spanish and English.

Tomek - Polyglot

Having toured all over Europe and half of the rest of the world, Tomek speaks five languages and nobody knows how many others he understands. He supports the Legia Warsaw football club. When he doesn’t have any tourists to guide he explores the streets of Warsaw on his bike to look for backyard shrines or devotes himself to his other passion and works as a legal counsellor in court.

Karol - Experienced Praga dweller

Karol has spent most of his life in the Praga district exploring Warsaw from its very inside. This adventure allowed him to collect experience which proves to be invaluable during our capital city tours. A great enthusiast of literature and architecture, albeit not a Renaissance man. In his spare time he is active as a teacher, sometimes as a journalist or a translator. A perfect tour for him is a combination of an academic lecture with a gangster movie.

Marcin - Warsaw citizen for generations

His father was born in Warsaw, he was born in Warsaw and his son was born in Warsaw. This is quite exceptional for our city. Let him explain you why we are a city of contrasts, what is so special about Praga and show you how many kinds of soups you can find at a milky bar. Welcome to Warsaw!

Remek - Italy is his second homeland

Remek went 18 years ago to Italy to learn more about the country he was born in. Famous polish writer Witold Gombrowicz wrote, that the best way of discovering Poland’s real history and culture is going abroad. Remek’s passions are literature, theatre, photography and reportage. During his free time you can find him in the Warsaw’s theaters acting in the italian plays.

Maja – An English teacher and a storyteller

Born in Gdańsk, but her heart belongs to Powiśle. After many decades she has returned to the bosom of her great-grandfather’s beloved district. She loves to discover her family’s history. It may explain why her trips are more like a tale about Warsaw, rather than an entry in the encyclopaedia. In her free time a handicraft enthusiast – she creates her own jewellery.

Marcin – Street Philosopher

Varsovian from birth, Parisian from time to time, by profession and avocation ethnographer and philosopher. Usually he travels around some forgotten by God and men villages spying emerging and dying traditions. But as he comes back, he gets in Nysa and instead of repeating boring terminology and thousands of dates, he explains what Warsaw is about, how it works. After all, watch out for your dumplings – if you’re not fast enough, he will eat them all!

Magda - Ubiquitous enthusiast

Probably the only moment when she doesn’t move is when she reads books (but we’ve heard that she supposedly learn how to read and run at the same time).

Optimistic Warsaw enthusiast. After years spent on emigration in Spain she decided to come back to her homeland and pass on her love for this city to other travelers.  

Artur- the guide who climb

Artur enjoy climbing, that’s why he enjoy guiding in the Palace of Culture and Science. Full of energy he can play a role of a pre-war criminal or communist dignitary…

Gosia – History lover

Sociologist and culture expert by education, resident of Warsaw by choice and calling. She used to live along Thames, Seine and north Pacyfic, but her favourite club “Syreni Śpiew” and opening of the second subway line lured her back to the Vistula river.

She loves Polish history, travelling and telling stories about Warsaw. Especially enjoys historical and modern problems and difficult questions from tourists.