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Start at 10:00

Price: 189 PLN p.p.

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Language: English

Duration: 4 h

Transportation: vintage minibus named Nysa 522

Pick up and drop off

A fascinating trip for people who are in Warsaw for the first or third time and they need something more than a regular tour! This trip is for visitors who enjoy places away from the main tourist routes! We will take a look at the cities less known placesvisit both banks of the Vistula river and discover many faces of the Polish capital city. We will ride a retro Polish Nysa 522 minivan.

We will surprise our guests with little-known anecdotes about the history of the city and Poland. The companion of your adventure will be a professional and a little twisted local guide.

Come with us for new experiences, adventure, Warsaw adventure!

We will start on Grzybowski Square, which is the epicenter of capital contrasts – from pre-war buildings, through relics of communism, to modern skyscrapers of the future. We will discover the secrets of Warsaw courtyards, look at the gates to feel the breeze of another city, slightly hidden from the eyes of onlookers. We will get to know the places where Varsovians meet, we will see where hipsters and nature enthusiasts go to. The River Vistula  will reveal its secrets – after all it is the queen of Polish rivers. The eastern part of the city is located on the right bank of the river – Warsaw’s Praga district. We will touch the buildings that survived the war and we will stop for refreshments at the local bar.

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Additional information

The trip is combined with other tourists and is not private. Each trip is supervised by a guide. If you are a single tourist, please contact us before booking.
2 people, that's enough for Nyska to go into the city, moreover, the driver can not take on board more than 7 tourists. Such are the rules...
Our Nysa 522 cars are not air-conditioned, they are historic. But in winter they are equipped with heating.
Our Nysa 522 cars are not equipped with seatbelts, traffic regulations allow for the lack of seatbelts in this type of cars.
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We will be walking during the trip.
Very rarely we have such a situation, but if it occurs we always return the entire amount paid and propose a different date.
Of course it is. You will find this option in the booking form. See the list (here).
If you have a food allergy or other allergy that may affect your comfort please let us know before booking, we will try to adapt to your condition.
In the case of a trip with Nyska (retro mini-van) transport, the driver takes on board children if they are accompanied by an adult and if they are more than 150 cm tall.

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