Knowledge of the city, passion about Warsaw, experience in organizing tours and events, and dedicated actors allow us to create unforgettable city games. Scenarios prepared by us squeeze the best there is out of the history and space of Warsaw. A special dose of realism is provided by our great actors who are ready to take upon any role at any time of the day. Collect your team and face our tasks!

We prepare every game especially for you. We have a few leading themes. We can explore the unknown Warsaw in the city centre and the Old Town, or travel back to the communist era and feel the atmosphere of the Praga district. Sky is the limit!

We know Warsaw very well and we love this city, and we are glad to share our knowledge and passion. Each visitor has their own preferences and interests, which is why we adapt our programmes to our guests’ needs. We can organize a tour around the Jewish parts of Warsaw, Warsaw craftsmen tour or a traditional city walk. Sky is the limit! Below you will find just a few of our suggestions…

“Praga à la the PRL” – You play out the characters typical for the classic films by Stanisław Bareja: you need to get a fake passport in the Różycki Bazaar, run to buy the birch water from Pani Halinka, walk proudly with the one-of-its kind “necklace” of toilet paper rolls, and finally, tighten the screw of your plate in the milk bar. Tired? Go and get your ration card – they’ve thrown some meat today!

“Discover Warsaw” – Explore unique places in Warsaw. Start with a visit at a local craftsman’s shop, go to the 30th floor (Viewing Terrace “XXX Floor”) of the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), learn how to make dumplings and dance the polonaise in the park. You will feel the energy of the city, get to know its history and undiscovered places, but first and foremost, you will be able to integrate with your team!

Let’s discover our interactive city games!

We can add this innovative solution to all of the proposed scenarios. Teams receive iPads with a our application with suprising options…

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Museum map

City game “Discover Warsaw”

City game “Back to communism times”

City game “Man – Woman Wanted”

City game “Video clip from Warsaw”

City game “Canaletto in Warsaw”

City game “Amazing Race”

Examples of the city games we produced:

Guest of Mea Group traveled back in time during the city game “Canaletto in Warsaw”  

Comic book was a special element of the city game “Discover Warsaw” for Pracownia Przygód

City game about the Communism times in Poland to celebrate 40th birthday of the Central Station in Warsaw for PKP S.A. Have a look at the map!

120 participants took part in the city game for Intel company

“Canaletto in Warsaw” for Mazurkas for 280 participants!

We used Active Track (device produced by the client) in the city game for EBS

Stands connected to the communism times and the city game in Praga district with the introduction on Grzybowski square for the Lease Plan

Participants from Boccard company made a videoclip from the city game!

Ken Tyler – searching for the kidnapped chairman!

Our project for 210 participants from Johnson Controls

Open the spigot of history” game for PGNiG was nominated for MP Power Awards!

Special game for the Poland’s largest bank – PKO Bank Polski in the atmosphere of the interwar period Warsaw

MetLife employees saved Santa Claus by collecting currency called “Sianos

International youth had fun while fulfilling the tasks with QR codes

We have already organized city games for:

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