Players are taken on a journey back in time to discover absurd reality of the People’s Republic of Poland and deal with some day-to-day life’s hardships of the 80’s.. This authentic experience will make you laugh, but our main goal is to integrate your team and enhance its effectiveness, all under the careful eye of our psychology expert.

All players are assigned to teams and then given a special mission. Based on secret and encrypted information they have to create a map of communist shops (e.g. delicatessen, household appliance store, meat shop, or ‘RUCH’ newspaper shop) offering different scarce goods in the middle of the 80’s economic crisis. They have to carry out the mission in the most cost-effective way. And you better watch out! To receive necessary information you will have to overcome different obstacles and face real life hardships of the 80’s. At some point you will take a shot of vodka, then do a quiz about communist Poland or apply a fake moustache, put on a flat cap and blend in with the crowd. Players are assigned to 4 teams, which compete to develop and carry out the best strategy in the mission. During the game players will learn and practice: information management in organisation, risk management, financial decision making and cooperation in teams, which are necessary for any successful project implementation. 

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Training game “Scarce goods”

Museum map

Language used: Polish, English

Location: Museum of Life under Communism / Warsaw

Number of players: 8-20 people


Łużniak-Piecha Magdalena, PhD

Doctor of psychology. Works as a coach, trainer and academic lecturer. Specializing in cross cultural studies. Builds and implements systems supporting development of cross cultural sensitivity, skills of understanding different world views and values, communicating across borders. She gives lectures in SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, cooperates with Polish University Abroad in London, Euro Académie in Paris and TEC Monterrey in Mexico.