Adventure Warsaw Team 

Adventure Warsaw was started in 2009. At that time Rafał, the founding father of our initiative, was an aspiring urban planner focused on writing his MA thesis. During this process he started digging, searching and exploring, and the results exceeded his wildest expectations because he discovered… Warsaw! He simply had to share it with other people and this is how it started…

Today our team consists of young but experienced tour guides who will share their passion with you and show you Warsaw like you have never seen it before.

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Marta & Rafał - Founders of Adventure Warsaw

Both deeply in love with Warsaw, although they admit that it is a difficult and challenging relationship. The capital city of Poland is not easy, but they are very understanding because after all it has been through a lot. How did it all start? In 2009, when Rafał was writing his MA thesis on Warsaw, tourists didn’t really have a chance to see anything else apart from the Old Town and the Łazienki Park. Shocked by the discovery of the side of the city that he didn’t know, Rafał decided to show it to visitors. When he met Marta at a course for tour guides, Rafał already was a proud owner of his first Nysa van. Together they set off on a common journey and they invite everyone to join them to get to know Warsaw anew.

Karolina - Strong Working Woman

She is not afraid of any work! The bigger and the complicated to organize tours, the better! She is not lazy – she needs work to live. Karolina organizes tours in Warsaw for companies and private tours. She loves this city through contrasts and history, but in her soul is the Praga district. She is a concrete woman from the right side of the Vistula river!

Paulina – adventure designer

She is a decisive creator of urban games in Warsaw and other Polish cities. A brain working at high speed and assembling scattered elements into a beautiful and coherent whole. She pampers all of the details so that each project is a complete masterpiece. She uses her scout skills to come up with new attractions and to coordinate the work of the animator crowd.

Patrycja - full of imagination

Wide horizons of imagine and travels allow her to organize trips full of attractions. Extensive experience in the travel industry helps in creative activities and extraordinary ideas. She likes to empathize with the role of tourist (guest) to make the trip fascinating. Easy solutions put aside on the side track – she likes to surprise.

Dominik – Cool Engineer

Transportation and Logistics engineer, you can hear his radio voice if you call us. Really active guy, perfect for the team of enthusiastic guides and co-workers. He arranges daily tours, plans Nysa van’s routes and fulfills lots of other tasks.  He loves to travel, warm places and he cannot imagine his life without sun – sunshine addict. He doesn’t look like a typical Pole but he’s a true-born Polish guy.

Konrad - Active Explorer

Linguistics Graduate, lover of exploring forgotten places and unknown sides of Warsaw.

He enjoys discovering the places in many new ways, without getting stuck in the rut, that’s why he travels by bike in Warsaw and whole Mazowsze county, inventing some new routes!

Ola - kobieta pazur

Jej żywiołem są gry miejskie. Dzielnie przygotowuje wszystkie szczegóły związane z realizacją, a potem wciela się w różne role by sprawdzić czy wszystko idzie zgodnie z planem.

Krzyś - od rzeczy niemożliwych

Nie wiadomo czy gry miejskie wchłonęły Krzysia, czy Krzyś wchłonął gry miejskie. Jeździ po całej Polsce, realizuje i nadzoruje wydarzenia. Potrafi wcielić się w każdą rolę. Jego tajemnicza osobowość nie zdradza sekretów ogarniania rzeczy niemożliwych od ręki.