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Warsaw is a hard-working and beautiful city, yet in an unobvious way. We know it well and we are able to present it. We will take your guests on an exciting trip and create a game matching your group.

We want our guests spent unforgettable time in Warsaw and come back to us one more time.


Over 10 years ago we started with the first trips of this kind to Warsaw. It was a very busy period, full of new experience and exceptional challenge. We are ready for the new challenge.


We are a good team. Just like you, we face new challenge every day. If you wish, we will fit your needs and together prepare unforgettable scenario for your guests in Warsaw.


City games and tours do not exist without good ideas. We cherish them and let them grow in our heads. They are the source of successful projects implemented with our clients.

Retro vehicles

Retro mini-vans and buses, we got them! From behind windows of these retro vehicles Warsaw looks even better than usual. The whirr of their engines is a perfect background for the story that the guide will tell you.


We don’t bore to death! From the first contact with us you will feel the spirit of adventure. Don't worry, you won't get lost with us, we are skilled guides and project managers.


Our guests systematically share their opinions about our trips on TripAdvisor. Their satisfaction gave us the Quality Certificate! This is the best confirmation of the quality of our services.

They have already boarded our Nysa and returned happy

Adventurous trips

Take your guests on a unique trip led by exceptional guides, with transport by vintage Nysa vans or 1970’s “Cucumber” Buses. With us you will see Warsaw from a different angle. Our specialities are: prewar Warsaw (1918-1939), communist Warsaw (1945-1989), Jewish routes and the paths of 21st c. Warsaw. Naturally, these are just a few topics, our guides can boast much more knowledge. We are ready to tailor the tour to your needs and ideas. ;

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With guide and transport by the historic Nysa and/or the 1970’s Cucumber Bus
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850 PLN

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Do you have an idea for your trip?

We will create it with you!

City games and events

City games and events by Adventure Warsaw are created out of love for the city and adventure. Our games are meant to let your guests spend free time in our city in a cool and active way. Each of our games is different, because each group we work with is unique.

Check if you are smarter than iconic Warsaw Smartie! Add the reconstruction brick to post-war Warsaw. Listen to some secrets the storyteller will reveal to you. Come with us to the city and experience the adventure!



There's nothing like a common challenge. Our urban games are a great tool to support team integration. We create attractions for groups of up to several hundred people.


Let's not forget the fun. Your guests want to have fun after hours spent at meetings and conferences. We are experts in adventure! We will make even the most grumpy people smile and forget about the hardships of everyday life.


We involve our game players in creating a new value together. Mini workshops are a frequent element of our scenarios. Making your own small gift from Warsaw or preparing a traditional meal will excite everyone.


Warsaw is not only war and communism. Almost every element of the scenario contains a pill of accessible knowledge about the capital. We will make sure that our guests will learn something interesting and surprising about our city.  

Why do our customers love our games and tours 

"...the trip was very popular, and the guide with his charisma allowed our guests to forget about the not very favorable weather and interested them so much that they willingly entered into numerous discussions, asked questions and showed great interest in the subject of communism in Poland."

Karolina Urban / Press Officer in Cosmocover
"AW pleasantly surprised me with openness and commitment. During the geme they managed to use the equipment produced by our company, which required writing an individual script and adapting certain tasks to the group. As a result, the group got very involved, integrated and will surely remember their stay in Warsaw for a long time."
Agnieszka Bilska / Marketing Specialist at EBS Sp. z o.o.
"The company (...) organized a city game for our employees, skillfully integrating the Polish and Danish part of our team around the topic of Warsaw: its history, tradition, and local curiosities. From the very first contact, the company showed professionalism by preparing a game scenario tailored to the character of the group."
Dariusz Kubacki / Prezes zarządu KMD Poland
"The day passed in an incredibly interesting atmosphere, full of new information, wonderful attractions and a smile."
Paulina Altman / Managing Director Assistant, Affecto Poland

"Rafal has done an outstanding job. He is well mannered, well-spoken and his English is very good. He showed great flexibility and commitment and is a great team player. He handled difficult situations with guests very well while always remaining calm. He is always smiling very charming and the guests felt well taken care of."

Silke Gliemann / Head of Marketing at Continental

"With a clear conscience we can recommend Warsaw Adventure to all companies that want to show their guests Warsaw and its surroundings in a professional and interesting way and ensure attractive spending of time."

Piotr Śledziński / General Director at Boccard Polska Sp. z o.o.

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